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Client Testimonials

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/03/2008 - 8:03am.

 After I had several companies come out and look at why the flooring in the kitchen was buckling. I got no results. Then I was reffered to clint at Desert Sun Inspections. We made the appointment and within an hour he was able to tell me and take pictures of the problem areas. I had the problems taken care of and now all is fine. THANKS A BUNCH CLINT. Irene Castner, Carlsbad,New Mexico  

Testimonial #2
  Hi, I am June C of St Joeseph Michigan. When Clint and his crew was here and performing energy audits and home inspections. (wish he was still here) Not to mention his construction company and mobile home service. I had called Clint for some concerns with roof leaks on my Mobile home. During the inspection he recommende that I have an energy audit. I had on done and at a lower stated price I might add. After the Audit he made the "sales pitch' of what I needed. I was skeptical to say the least. But I agreed, after the new insulated roof was installed and the other work to repair the doors and windows (I did'nt even know they had a problem) untill Clint showed me during the Blower door test. To make a long story short, Clint and his crew did what they said they were going to do for the price they said. Now the results, befor I had any work done I was paying about $200.00 per month on utilities. After the work I now pay a low $40.00 per month. When Clint explaind this befor the audit I was skepticle, now I am a believer. Thanks clint and keep in touch. June C. in MI.

Testimonial #3

I have a mobile home I wanted to buy. After all the looking for home inspectors I finally found Desert Sun Inspections in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I had called other inspection companies and they would not even look at the mobile home I wanted to buy. Clint McKie has 30 years experience with mobile homes. He knows what to look for. When he did the inspection he found things I did'nt even know was on the home let alone how it worked. He also found that the duck work in the "belly" had seperated and was loosing heat into the belly. Great find. I am so glad I called, Clint with Desert Sun Inspections in Carlsbad. Living in Loco Hills and loving my new home. Thank you Clint.
Marie H. Loco Hills N.M.