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What's Inspected

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 Home inspection standard operating procedure

Simply put, we inspect everything in and on the home.
Inspecting a home can get very complicated. That's why we inspect everything that we possibly can when you have a home inspection. Starting with the outside of the home and the grounds. We are looking for and grading issues along with any vegetation issues. Then we inspect the roof and trims for the roof. Along with the roof inspection we inspect all roof venting and pipe penetrations on the roof for proper installations. The siding anlong with the operation of the home's windows and doors as well. 
Then we check the interior of the home starting with the attic areas. We inspect all of the attic areas that are accessable. We also inspect the heating and cooling systems for proper operation and conditions. Along with but not limited to any other appliances like the water heater,  trash compactor, range, dishwasher, garbage disposal and the built in Mocro waves.
Any appliance in the home gets inspected for proper operation at the time of the inspection.

We then check for the conditions of the plumbing in the home. And the electrical system in and around the home. From the service entrance and supply lines to the final plugs. The electrical panels, and grounding along with proper operation of the AFCI and the GFI curcuits in the home.
Simply put we inspect everything in and on the home. We want you to be confident by producing a report that will list all of the homes defects so you can make an informed decision about buying the home we just inspected for you and your family.

We also offer a 90 day warranty at no cost to the buyer or the seller.
We offer a free RECALLCHEK for all major appliances in the home. This a free service for life.

So Give Desert Sun Home Inspections a call at 1-575-706-5586 and we will set up an appointment for a home inspection.
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